Creators of Luxury


Creators of Luxury

Designers and builders of fine interiors for Luxury Yachts, Cruisers, Motor Homes, and Horse Trucks

Designers and builders of fine interiors for Luxury Yachts, Cruisers, Motor Homes, and Horse Trucks

Joinery, Teak Decks & Fit-Outs


OUR SPECIALTY creating joinery of high quality and long lasting beauty as well as being practical, adding enjoyment and value to your vessel. They say that a picture says a thousand words if you want to see more please fell free to give Dennis a ring.

With our knowledge of fastenings, glues, varnishes solid timbers (the way in which timber is machined for the marine use of Teak decks), Plywood, Veneers, metals, rubbers, silicones and the suppliers of such things.  Our knowledge of all manner of hardware including TV lifters, automatic blind mechanisms our experience of designing and manufacturing such devises that are not readily available, using only the materials required for the marine environment.  Combined with Dennis’s forward thinking, his designs will not only be beautiful and practical but they will also withstand the test of time.

Using the prefabrication methods explained on the PROFILE page.

Manufacturing the joinery off-site enables boat builders and owners to carry on with their job of constructing the boat, after measuring on site we then make up the joinery to a completed stage ready for fitting.  These components are fully finished in two pac polyurethane paint or clear finish before leaving the factory.

We manufacture joinery from simple mouldings and trim right through to complete fit outs for large vessels.

No project is too large or complicated for Dennis to manage.


The photos on this page are examples of a small part of very large teak decks which were pre-made in our factory from templates.  Sections of the teak deck were transported to the job and glued into place.  Pre-making the deck off site enables the other builders to continue working.  The deck can be laid quickly and towards the end of the job allowing production to continue smoothly.  After making accurate templates to the exact size and shape of the deck we are able to make the deck to a finished stage including caulking.  The time spent on site is minimal allowing full production to go ahead.  The decking is all done in a controlled environment.  This means no dust and no sunlight to affect the finish of the deck.

We guarantee a professional, high quality job from start to finish


The above photos are before and after photos of a cabin in the magnificent super yacht Platinum.

Please feel free to invite Dennis to your vessel for ONE DAY. The time that you invest in that one day will be well worth your while. Dennis has a wealth of knowledge please feel free to tap into it.

Dennis has created a Custom, Time and Cost Effective Pre-Fabrication Fitout Method. Creating joinery of outstanding quality that will last the test of time.

Our professional methods of fitting out (which even carries through to our pre-made teak decking) enables us to pre-make almost any component of a boats interior regardless of shape, size and complexity.

Please read about PLATINUM in the Super Yacht section to see how our innovative and economical system of fitting out could work for you.

The photos on this page are of PLATINUM the 38 meter super yacht during construction.

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